Moving Past Fear

Why is someone afraid of heights and mistrustful of her own ability to use a mountaineer’s clip finding herself on a ridiculously high treetop adventure course clinging to ropes? Would that I were someone who ventured into activities like this with chest out, chin to the sun, striding forward like a Viking on steroids with only the thrill of high heights coursing through my heart.

Alas. My motivations are so much less robust, bullied along by my teenagers’ voices
barking my own words back to me: Face your fears! (These words they remember,
but weekly garbage to the curb night is so often forgotten?!)

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Age Schmage (or… I’m still 18 on the inside)

How often do you hear someone say, ‘I’m 38/45/51/63…, but I don’t feel that old’ (if they admit their real age at all.)

Do you ever say things like:

I’m too OLD for that, or I’m too YOUNG for that?

Are you using it as an excuse not do something that you’re
actually afraid of?

Whose opinion on age most affects you?

What do you know about yourself now that was probably true
at 18 too, but you just didn’t know it?

What do you make age mean?

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Stressed, overwhelmed and barrelling towards burnout

Meet Marvin.  Marvin is an orthopaedic surgeon who consults with clients and operates with an air of mastery that his education and talent have bestowed upon him over years of practice.  He glides through the hospital corridors seemingly without a care in the world until the resounding ‘skwelt skwelt’ sound of his car unlocking signals it’s time to go home.  Home just now is populated by his wife who is not sure she wants to be married anymore and a son who was recently caught driving without a licence. 

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Wise words from Steve Jobs, a true pathfinder.

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Investing in Pleasure

When was the last time you totally sunk into pleasure? Whole-heartedly and unreservedly immersed yourself? I hope it was earlier today.

Pleasure is an essential element – vital to our existence – to build in daily. I tend to agree with the Kama Sutra which affirms that ‘pleasures are as necessary for the well-being of the body as food.’

Nature appreciates the power of pleasure. Think about it – pleasure has ensured the survival of the human species by making food and sex activities we want to repeat. Survival has also relied on the adrenalin rush of fight or flight reflexes – but as a long term strategy fear is never your friend. Fear will move you just out of harm’s way and leave you there.

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Wildly blooming after dark days.

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Hello world!

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