“Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

Dissolving barriers between who we are and where we want to be – whether that destination is security, freedom, joy, loving relationships or a more meaningful career – means finding out what’s truly important to our essential self and using our natural abilities to arrive there.

My training is integrative, concentrating on transpersonal psychotherapy.  The integrative part of that statement means that I’m able to draw on a wide range of approaches and wisdom – including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural therapy, art therapy, working with dreams and creative imagination….  Each individual is so different and therefore the approach needs to be just as flexible.

The transpersonal part of that statement seeks to discover the person who transcends an individual’s body, age, appearance, culture etc.   My approach to therapy and coaching seeks to align a person’s life with who they really are.  When our outer world is not in alignment with our innermost selves, nothing feels right.

When we cultivate a connection with our essential self we:

  • Develop not only the ability to listen to our inner voice, but the courage and confidence to act on it
  • Discover an appetite for life
  • Realise an innate wisdom unique and inextricable to ourselves
  • Foster resilience and integrity
  • Find clarity
  • Heal
  • Create a depth and breadth of energy
  • Have faith that life experiences – perhaps particularly the painful ones – are developing unique gifts and strengths
  • Recognise what is authentic to us and what has been conditioned into us
  • Know better how to expand the pleasurable and meaningful areas of our lives and what to let go of
  • Open up perception
  • Connect with something beyond and within us – and to those around us

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Better yet – email or call me. I’d love to hear about your vision of your own wild and precious life – and how I might be able to help you.*

Wendy Hammond
+01 (267) 838-0283

I am available for online therapy & coaching, as well as seeing clients in person in:

Ithaca, NY 14850


*In addition to making sure your therapist or coach has the correct credentials, it’s crucial to get a feel for how well you will be able to work together. You are very welcome to call with any questions or schedule an appointment. 


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