There are times in all our lives when moving forward in a positive, purposeful direction – or even resting with peace of mind – seems impossible. Whether you are struggling through a life changing event or feeling lost, having space to explore your thoughts and feelings can transform the darkest of chapters.

We all have an innate ability to grow and develop. It’s easy to get stuck in repeating patterns which no longer work for us though. Or be thrown well off course by an unexpected event or trauma that may have happened a long time ago. In any case, the resources for wellness are within you.

To augment the main flow of talking therapy, we may choose to use creative visualizations, art therapy, dream exploration and sandplay among other techniques – depending on what feels right to you. There are also times when something more cognitive is needed – for example, techniques and strategies for dealing with low self confidence, stress, anxiety, fear or anger.

I offer you a warm, comfortable, non-judgmental and confidential environment from which to explore.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process that addresses personal growth as well as psychological distress.  Recent brains scans done before and after psychotherapy show that the brain plastically reorganizes itself in treatment. We all have reaction patterns that hide painful ideas, feelings and memories from conscious awareness.  By working through these patterns we turn implicit memories (the ghosts that can haunt us) into declarative memories that have a clear context.  (See Norman Doidge, The Brain That Changes Itself, Penguin Books, Chapter 9)

Since psychotherapy involves the exploration and processing of uncomfortable aspects of life, you may at times experience difficult feelings like sadness, guilt, anger and frustration along with insight and release.  It is this working through that allows long term change to take place.

Psychotherapy commonly leads to improved relationships, healthy solutions to specific problems and significant increases in mental clarity and emotional balance.

Psychotherapy is a place to talk openly, let the emotions out, frame your experience and find yourself again.  It is a space to heal.

You may choose short-term counselling (6 – 12 sessions,) or longer term psychotherapy. I work on a 60-minute session basis.

What does it address?

Anger Management
Emotional Abuse
End of Life Issues
Healing visualisations for illness and infertility
Life Transitions
Loss of Direction and Meaning
Loss of Faith
Low Self-Confidence
Low Self-Esteem
Postnatal Depression
Relationship Issues
Self Awareness
Separation and Divorce
Sexual Abuse
Spiritual Issues


I am available for online therapy & coaching by email, phone or Skype.

I see clients in person in:

Ithaca, NY 14850

Contact me to find out if we’re a good fit.

Wendy Hammond
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