Wendy is a consultant and coach with global experience creating safe and engaging spaces where conversations that matter can take place. Improved performance for individuals, teams and organizations inevitably results when both intellectual and emotional aspects of change and relationships are explored. Through questioning assumptions and beliefs, Wendy turns system traps (both personal and organizational) into opportunities.

She offers one-one-one coaching/consulting, lunch & learn chats and workshops on:

  • The role of risk taking in paradigm shifts
  • Coping with uncertainty
  • Turning insight into action
  • Brain science – ways to re-route ruts and the science of change
  • Expanding perception
  • Taming anxiety
  • Awakening the right side of the brain, and getting the left side on board
  • Acclimation to a new culture for executives and their families
  • Re-authoring a life’s path

She is best known for asking questions that open doors in perception and building bridges between paradoxical ideas and people held in a pattern of friction.

Wendy holds an MA and advanced diploma in Psychology, BBA in International Business and Marketing and has completed extensive training in coaching, Imagework facilitation, cognitive behavioural therapy, Gestalt and Jungian psychology.  As a practicing psychotherapist she is able to recognize and loosen deeply held patterns and stifling belief systems to allow for a more creative flow.  She is certified by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

In addition to my offer to coach/psychotherapize in companies, my friend Ellen and I are combining forces to offer workshops on stress

Transforming Stresses into Strengths

The latest findings on stress in the workplace are startling…

and no organisation in today’s uncertain environment appears exempt

  • One third of all new illnesses come from work-related stress
  • Each case of work-related stress, anxiety or depression results in about 30 lost working days per year
  • Work-related stress is the #1 cause of long-term absence for non-manual employees

The good news:

  • Stress management training is very effective
  • Stress management is strongly linked with both professional success and personal happiness
  • Stress management sustainably increases engagement, performance and productivity
  • Stress management increases brain cells

How our training is different from other stress management workshops:

  • We tailor the title, structure and content to your organisation and target participants
  • It’s not just about learning, it’s about real and valued results
  • Our aim is not just coping or managing stress but thriving and performance

Content includes:

  • The latest scientific research on stress, positive psychology and brain science
  • Cutting-edge tools and techniques from a range of disciplines and modalities
  • Many examples and stories from our organisational and clinical practice
  • Knowledge and statistics distilled into a meaningful form
  • Tested in our own lives – we practice what we preach

What our clients say:


‘incredibly useful’

‘warm, inspiring and wonderful ability to open up old problems to new perspectives’

‘session left me full of ideas, armed with new energy and practical suggestions’

‘anxiety levels at all-time low since university.  Thank you’



Taster Sessions

One-day workshop

Two-day workshop

Customised program


Contact Details:


Wendy Hammond
07731 903 657

Ellen Pruyne
07531 574 694

About Ellen Pruyne

Ellen Pruyne has a lifelong fascination with understanding how people
can achieve their heartfelt goals and dreams and attain their true
potential while dealing with the ongoing challenges of life.

Ellen Pruyne

She is a Chartered Psychologist with a doctorate in human development and psychology from Harvard University and a master’s in business from Northwestern University.

She is former Learning Consultant and current Associate of Ashridge Business School, former Leadership Fellow at Harvard Business School, and current Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce.

Ellen has consulted to many organisations in the private, government and charitable sectors (names provided upon request) and conducts workshops on learning, change, happiness, stress, and evaluating impact.

Ellen has lived and worked in many countries and now resides in London.

As a ‘recovering gloomaholic’, she practices kundalini yoga and pursues her passions in
film and dance. Ellen believes that humour and fun are essential elements of the ‘good life’.

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