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 Wendy’s Recommended Reading:

Wendy’s Recommended Reading (I am clearly a bit of a reading addict) Please note that the book links will take you to the USA site If you are interested in purchasing a book and you live in Europe, please type in the name of the book at your closest Amazon site, or your favorite bookshop. I’ve broken the recommendations into categories.

General Brilliance: These books and dvd address a wide spectrum of personal development, healing and mind expansion. I’m particularly partial to the books by Martha Beck and Dina Glouberman as I have trained extensively with both.

Specific Issues: These books specifically address issues such as anxiety, anger, perfectionism (if you are continually beating yourself up for not doing things a certain way or use the word ‘should’ more than twice a day – this is you), abuse, illness and depression. This talk on is fantastic to watch as well: I can also recommend the Imagework website to find cds/meditations that are useful:

Couples and Sexual Connection: These books cover a range of issues to do with our most intimate relationships from finding the love of your life, to building stronger and steamier (in the best way) bonds to dealing with betrayal.

Love Your Calling: These books are wonderful catalysts to find a calling rather than schlump through the day doing something you don’t wholeheartedly love. They are also great to help find work/life balance and assistance in setting entreprenuers on their way with clarity and confidence.

Creativity and Spiritual Connection:

This is a wonderful and fun talk by Sir Ken Robinson on creativity and honoring all different flavors of people:

Brain Chemistry, and My Favorite Psychologies – Transpersonal, Positive & Archetypal/Jungian: I’ve only added books that are not only thought provoking and intelligent, but ENJOYABLE to read. No dry, unreadable overly-academic tomes here.

Also an excellent and riveting explanation and personal story which highlights how the brain is put together as well as highlighting its important capabilities which we may not be aware of from Ted talks is:

Second Half of Life, Men’s Issues, Women’s Issues :

Links to Laughter – because it’s the fastest, cheapest and most effective stress reliever, creativity booster and therapy available:




Links around psychotherapy in UK:

  • The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) is the leading professional body in this country in the field of counselling and psychotherapy
  • The most recognised accrediting body for psychotherapists in the United Kingdom
  • The Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE) is the largest Transpersonal training institute in the United Kingdom
  • Freedom to Be. A directory of experienced counsellors and psychotherapists practicing in the London area and beyond
  • Hertfordshire Counselling. Private counselling and psychotherapy practice in Hertfordshire and London
  • Castlewood Therapies. Private counselling and psychotherapy practice in Eltham SE9 and Central London W2
  • Northampton Counselling – Counselling and Psychotherapy with an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist in central Northampton:

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