I love cultivating the power, pleasure and purpose in people’s lives.

Our thoughts create our reality – and imaginary limits.  Working with thoughts to help them serve our inner self inevitably and (dare I say it) magically sets us on a course that feels inspired, natural and well.

Your mind is a fantastic tool to help your essential self thrive in the world.  Your essential self will drive you crazy if continually ignored – and sabotage success.

Although I spent my childhood on grape vineyards by Lake Erie in Pennsylvania – I’ve since lived in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and now practice from Ithaca, NY, as well as online.

My career began in a New York human resource consulting firm helping companies and individuals reach their best potential. It was in this job I recognized my attraction was directed to the personal aspects – working directly with people and their stories, hopes, stumbling blocks and strengths.

I am mother to three fabulous teenagers.  Juggling time, priorities and menu planning are my milieu.

I am passionate about exploring other cultures and mind-sets from the inside out.

I believe every person is unique and has vital worth.

When we become accountable to ourselves, we can re-author our lives.

Anything I have to offer with even the slightest glimmer of wisdom was born out of my own experiences with the darker sides of life.  I, myself, have lived through massive upheavals, disappointment, betrayal, episodes of depression and anxiety, kitchen renovations, graduate school and shepherding four 12-year-old boys through a crowded amusement park.

Despite Because of this, I’ve lived to find my way again to joy, love, solid ground, confidence, laughter and frequent visitations of bliss.

I don’t believe we ever reach a static place where personal evolution is no longer necessary.

I love my life, am still growing, still learning.

I believe nature is the most inspirational and healing place to be.

I do not ‘have it all figured out’ and have been known to snap at loved ones when under stress and occasionally wake up with a walloping bad attitude – though these scourges are handled better and more efficiently now than they were in years past.

I am grateful to all my clients – present and former – whose openness, courage and incredible transformations inspire me daily.

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